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Duct Cleaning Could Be The Healthiest Business Investment You Will Ever Make

AM Coil (Aust) Pty Ltd specialises in the cleaning and purification of all types of Air Handling Systems. Our work goes beyond the normal realms of air conditioning maintenance methods, in providing hygiene control, and the constant removal of impurities.

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Our Services

High Pressure Steam Cleaning

Roof Cleaning
Heating/cooling exchange coils
Concrete & external surfaces

Exhaust Air

Sanitary air removal
Cooking exhausts
Industrial dust collection units

Hygiene Control

Air handling systems
Micro bacterial control

Mechanical Insulation Repair

Tough Coat ®
Tough Coat Butter ®

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Generic Clean

Factory overheads
Office buildings
Industrial Maintenance
Food Production Areas

Air Handling Systems

Supply and return
air handling units
Atmospheric removal ducts

State of the Art
Source Removal Technology

Viper clean sweep system
Hepa-Aire Portable
Power Vac